Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Little Help From My Gut

I'm honestly not sure whether to consider the fact that I got a GI bug on the day I started changing my diet to try to lose some weight a good thing or a bad.  On the plus side, my gut is cleared out!  On the minus, I spent a little while yesterday lying on the tile in the bathroom praying I'd either get much better or die.  I wasn't picky about which!

Fortunately, I got some better but felt bad all day. I still managed to eat.  Soup and oranges at lunch, lots of water, coffee in the afternoon to try to kill the headache I figured was coming from the lack of caffeine, and a ham sandwich, pickle, and tomatoes at dinner.  I thought that was pretty balanced and was proud that I still managed to eat even as bad as I felt.  Afterwards it did occur to me that the headache might have been from whatever virus I had going on.  Oh well. Hindsight and all...

I'm just glad I feel better today.  I've had coffee, two boiled eggs and a handful of blueberries for breakfast.  (Am I exciting you yet with my food list?)  So yes, I'm keeping track. It's part of that accountability I'm trying to take.

Overall, I realize now that I forgot to mention something about the why I'm doing this.  What I'm doing, and what we should ALL be doing, is about being good to myself.  I've spent too long beating myself up for things that I don't like but not doing anything to change those things themselves.  Why is it that we all blame ourselves, use negative language about ourselves, and feel the need to belittle ourselves because of something that may or may not be changeable.  Personally, I feel there is a power in words.  I'm here to say that I can take control of my life, my eating and my work habits.  Those words are powerful.  What I won't be saying is that I'm fat.  I'm a failure.  I'm cheating if I eat something I think isn't good for me.  I can't...

What I'm doing is what we should ALL be doing.  I'm treating myself the way I try to treat others.  I'm being kind. I'm being forgiving, but most of all, I'm being realistic.  I may not fix everything all at once.  Quick results usually don't last. I may sometimes behave in a way that isn't always that step forward, but that isn't so bad.  I'm human. We all are.  We're flawed, but it doesn't make us worthless. I'm here.  I keep trying to move forward, and I will succeed.  We all can.  Power of words... Use it.

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