Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest

Monday, February 9, 2015

Holy Cannoli!

Okay, here we go with the first of our goals... getting healthy.  I've always been relatively slender, but not exactly frail.  I'm a curvy sort of girl.  Still, 4 years sitting in front of a computer for work and always being "too tired" and "too busy" to exercise.  I just kept thinking I'd cut back here or there and the weight would just come back off.  The problem is that I just have no self control any longer.  I have a sweet tooth that would choke a horse, and I will indulge it at the drop of a hat!  Seriously, I live for holiday candy... no matter the holiday!

So today, I'm putting in the details and looking at the reality.  I just checked my body mass index and I am obese!  How the hell did that happen?!  Oh yeah, please see the reasons above.  Shoot.  Anyway, for the record, here are my stats.

Height 5'5"
Weight 214.6 (I'm still trying not to look at that.)
BMI 35.7

And before anyone asks, I'm not living by the weight numbers here.  I'm living for the healthy aspect.  I have a high risk of diabetes with my family history, and the more weight I carry, the higher that risk.  I also find myself too tired to engage in some of the more strenuous activities that I enjoy, like hiking in the mountains.  That's just reconditioning right there!  And I also have some joint problems.  The weight is definitely not helping my knee, and I refuse to deal with limited mobility at this stage in my life.  I've already signed up for a half marathon next year, and I plan to be there to complete it!  Goals, people! You've gotta have them!

So here I am and here's what I'm doing today.  Today, I'm switching from the diet soda that I live on to water.  Okay, it's bleh and I'm expecting a headache from lack of caffeine, but it's a step.  And this is my journey. It's made up of a lot of steps.  I just have to take them one at a time.  I also plan to eat lighter today instead of the incessant snacking I normally do.  I even threw out some of the sweets littering my kitchen!  And tonight, I'll hit the grocery store with a plan to buy some healthy foods and to actually eat them this time.  Turns out you don't get healthy through osmosis just by buying them and letting them go bad in the fridge.  Who knew?!

So there we go. Goal number 1.  Finding my way back to a healthy lifestyle.  And here we go.

Oh and yes, for full accountability, I will be posting pictures to go along with this... just as soon as I can close my eyes tightly enough to take them! Here's hoping that's soon!

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